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“Boot”/Rook’/Newb’ over here

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Hello all!! First time owner of a Jeep and long time admirer of The Wrangler so this is going to be an interesting venture. Had the JLU for a lil over a month and the top has been off since day 2. Doors just came off 2 days ago (waited for the mirrors), driver mirror on (CA law - must have two). Can’t wait to do some exploring! Maybe I’ll see some of y’allz out there! \m/ Metal on \m/
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first Jeep! Plenty of mods and accessories already to explore. Enjoy.
Welcome to the brand and to the community. Are you planning on taking your first Wrangler off roading?
Congrats on becoming a Wrangler owner and welcome to the board! What aftermarket mirrors did you decide on?
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