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2.0 Mild Hybrid Jump Start? Won't Start

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2019 JLU 2.0t, mild hybrid.

No idea why but when it sits for more than a couple of days (and I am on the road 10-15 days a month), both batteries are dead.

Jump starting doesn't work the normal way, but another JL forum had a thread about using the N5 post to charge the ESS battery which is actually what starts it.

1. who is the genius that designs a "mild hybrid" with two batteries, and leaves so much equipment running when the vehicle sits that it kills both batteries. Definitely not a vehicle to go out in the back country with!

2. HEY JEEP! PUT THAT $41T is the owners manual. The manual describes in painful detail how we all learned to jump start our first cars when we were 15 trying to get a license. No mention of the ESS being the battery that starts it or the N5 post. Jumpstarting did not work, my battery booster did not work so here I sit with a trickle charger on the battery currently reading 3.5 Volts.

3. Could someone please post a picture of where this mystery N5 post is?

This is Painful, especially after the JK issues.

Thank you
Brain aka CoolToys guy.


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OK took off the fuse box cover under the hood, and found the N5 Post that many reference in other forums for faster jump starting.

I wonder if you could hook up two trickle chargers? One to main battery, one to N5 to speed up the recovery process. This really is stupid.


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