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2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Spotted

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Still under wraps, the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL was captured on camera by Carscoops reader Brett Borgard.

Spy photographers have already spotted the JL on numerous occasions and every time, we seem to find a new feature of the highly anticipated off-road SUV. We’re expecting to see a new exterior and interior design with acronymic improves made to the Wrangler styling.

Most likely a steeper raked windshield, front fender vents, a new hardtop, and a rumored power retractable roof. But under all the new changes still beats the heart of a Wrangler as the front facia will still be recognizable and retain elements of that iconic Wrangler look.

Fuel economy will also see an improvement with aluminum components used more liberally to reduce the vehicle’s weight. The material could be used in the hood, doors, and tailgate though no official comment has been released by Jeep yet.

Jeep has been tight lipped about the JL’s engine offerings too, though we can expect to see a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine with an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. There’s also the new 2.0-liter turbocharged ‘Hurricane’ four-cylinder engine which could make its way into the JL and a hybrid variant set to arrive around 2021.

One new element the spy shots managed to capture are the Wrangler JL’s taillights, which are not sporting the Renegade X motif some of you were hoping for. Instead, they look similar if not exactly the same as those found on the current gen Wrangler.

We should get our questions answered at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show where Jeep is expected to debut the new 2018 Wrangler JL.
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The tail light thing is definitely noticeable but considering the sizing of them and what not, it's possible that if they're the same size, they could just have the older style in there and easily replace it ?
Well, we never really got confirmation that the X lights were going to appear on the Wrangler, just the hope that they would. I honestly couldn't care less about the taillights since the headlights are more important.
At this point, there's not much else to be seen from spy shots. The mule coverings haven't really changed or uncovered anything new, maybe the standard rim and tires but that's pretty much it.
Didn't we see photos of an X light tail light though. And I place tail lights and headlights in the same category of importance as they can both be replaced with ease. Not that big of a deal at all.
I thought those pictures was of the Renegade's rear, used as an example. Can't recall ever seeing a spy shot of the X lights on the test mule.
I'll try to find it but I'm almost positive I seen it. But even in the dealers leaked images of the teasers, you can clearly see 4 main points of lighting and no white portions on it. The front end presented in that image also shown something that looks like LED headlights so I'm pretty sure it goes hand in hand.

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Although we haven't seen a test mule with those X lights, maybe renderings, what we do know is there's potential for it.

The easiest way they can separate trims even more are with things like this, the stuff you can change easily, bolt on/bolt off.
I assume trims will be separated by suspension, various accessories and headlights more than taillights. honestly couldn't care less when it comes to the rear unless the lights aren't bright enough for when I need to back up during the night.
Design matters to me a bit so knowing what various trims will be getting holds some importance. Odds are these lights will be LED even from the base model so you might not have to worry at all about brightness. Even regular halogens will do just fine, JK's run them.
Halogens will still do just fine, but I don't find they give out enough light in my opinion. BUT that being said, I'll still be content with it because it's extremely easy and cheap to change them out and even put in some Phillips bright white lights or whatever they have on the market now.

But the lighting will be subjected to trim I believe and it only makes sense. Look at every other vehicle out there where a higher end trim does get some sort of HID bi-xenon light or whatever.
Is it weird that I prefer Halogens because of the extra heat they are expected to produce? Just something to help them defrost in the winter, but I'll probably change them out for the summer month depending how hard it is to do at home.
Trust me, LED lights and HIDs that are actually high output produce a lot more heat than halogens do. That' why you'll find LED lights that have fans attached to them because they just get way too hot.

I've seen HID and LED lights melt foglight housings and lenses where the standard halogen wouldn't get close to that lol
Always thought HID and LED lights ran cooler than halogens and they cost more too. That may be good news for me during the wintertime when temperatures can dip to around negative 20, no way will the lights be hot enough to melt the foglight housings and lenses even without a fan.
When I began looking at them, I thought the same thing but having spent a lot of time around the aftermarket lighting products, you can definitely see it's the opposite. Halogens are definitely great but if you want the extended visibility, you'd run the LED or HID lights and have a much brighter and farther output. Extremely helpful for when you're in low light situations, but in the city, really unnecessary. They do look a lot nicer though.
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