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2018 Wrangler Unlimited Spotted

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A 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was spotted around the Jeep Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan!

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Still under heavy camo? Thought it would shed some by now. Either way, thanks for the post :)
Thought we'd see some hint of the removable hard top on the unlimited, but I guess the camo is just that good. Or maybe the black camo at the top of the b pillar is there the latch is located?
As minimal as this camo is, it covers up all that matters to us, even the part of the grille that we know will be different this time around.

If these were night shots then odds are we'd get some outline of the tail lights from possible brake lights or something of it in action.

Good find, thanks for posting.
Doubt the latch would be visible from the outside at all either way unfortunately. But you can't even see the hood latches or anything... they're good lol
that goes for a lot of things with the new design here, there's nothing new here to be seen, all the usual, Jeep did well in covering it up. All this does is fuel the fact its getting closer and closer to launch.
Kelley Blue Book has a few spy shots of the new Wrangler JL, nothing really new since it's still under camouflage, but there is a close up shot of the tires it's running on.

All I can read from the picture is BF Goodrich and All-Terrain. Can't really see the sizing on it.
All I can read from the picture is BF Goodrich and All-Terrain. Can't really see the sizing on it.
don't expect much of a change with these BFG's from the current setup JK's are running. At most we'll get a next generation version of the same model. Even with the current BFG's i'm happy enough.
I don't expect much to change when it comes to the tires, maybe just the sizing. My guess is, those running boards we see are probably going to be factory accessories from Jeep.
They don't really look like anything major so I'm not too sure, I think they'll have side steps for options
It's not all that important if Jeep doesn't offer their own running boards and they probably know most owners will go aftermarket anyways. But if they're testing it on the mule, then we may see it as an option.
There is potential for it to become standard on certain models. A Trailhawk JL could be it and the only model I would care for it on. The rest of the potential JL trims don't seem nearly as important.
Rubicon and Sahara trims would also get those standard if anything. Those trims are top line and get all the good stuff.

Aftermarket will be cheaper guaranteed though and I'm sure there will be multiple styles out available.
The deciding factor between trims for most will be the engines and suspension. Everything else can be added on at a later date and from aftermarket parts. Would the Trailhawk unlimited get suspension upgrades?
I would definitely think so as the Trailhawks are supposed to be the most capable in those regards, so an upgraded suspension along with tow hooks and what not should be added to it.
If you don't want to deal with aftermarket suspension installation then it may be better to go for a trim that comes with it upgraded from factory. I think the Big Bear JK comes with heavy duty suspension with gas shocks.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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