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AEV 20th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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American Expedition Vehicles came out with a Wrangler Unlimited for the company's 20th anniversary and they've added everything but the kitchen sink to the anniversary version. For $100,000 you get a 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine with 470-hp and 465-lb-ft of torque, 4.5-inch suspension lift, 37-inch tires, remote-reservoir Bilstein shocks and more.

Here's a review of the beast: American Expedition Vehicles Jeep Wrangler Hemi review with price, horsepower and photo gallery
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Great value for $100,000, it's just too bad at that price most people on a forum like this won't be getting one. Plus when last have you seen a Jeep from AEV on the streets or anywhere? Only ones I can imagine spotting these are those that live in states with the highest concentration of Jeep owners, among that sample size someone is bound to own something from AEV.
465 lb-ft of torque at low RPMs for rock climbing sounds great for those who do it on a regular basis, but $100k is no small sum. They really did add everything but the kitchen sink, from AEV 4.5-inch suspension lift with 37-inch tires to remote-reservoir Bilstein shocks.
I mean, it's great if you have the money for it as it's an all you would want/need package. It's definitely someone won't look into just because of the hemi though. Not for the DIY guy either as they'll find it a pointless waste of money, a lot of what you pay for in things like these is the labour.
What's going to be funny is once Jeep is ready to get electric motors happening right at the wheels which in turn will give us some impressive off roading ability when you factor in all the potential it has. All that and it won't require nearly as much aggressive power as this.
FCA may have some hybrid plans for Jeep, but nothing is confirmed and it'll be hard to fit an electric system under the small passenger compartment of the Wrangler. Maybe a 48-Volt setup that replaces the alternator and starter motor with an e-motor.
Seen a video of an electric jeep and that thing was freaking capable. They may just follow suit with what other manufacturers are doing and maintain a v6 engine up front and 2 electric motors to power the rear wheels.
That or they downsize the engine to a 4 banger which will still be just as good. Once you have electric motors at the wheels with each generating 20-25 horsepower and around the same in torque it frees up what they'll require from the engine.

But thankfully so far there's no solid information out there suggesting they'll go that route yet. This is just about as traditional as it gets, better enjoy it, who knows what will happen with the next generation.
Also have to keep note that adding an electric motor to every wheel is going to increase weight, increase price, and repair costs as well.

But you are right, we haven't heard anything about it so we'll leave it as is until they mention something. Probably a good way off from seeing it anyhow.
Jeep isn't really one for going green. That's why FCA needs more emissions credits to support this brand of theirs. As nice as better fuel economy is, I wouldn't choose it over performance and the additional weight could hold it back. That's why there are models like the 20th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler in existence, for performance minded people.
They aren't ones to go green but they already have it listed that the Wrangler will be getting a hybrid powertrain down the line. It'll probably come sooner than they have it listed too though as fuel economy is a big thing that's trending now and everyones out for efficiency.

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One thing I will take away from their build are the Bilstein shocks. They just do an amazing job at smoothing out your ride and steering. They're not exorbitantly expensive either so getting a set for the JL won't break the bank.
Mild hybrid instead of a full hybrid, so it's more used for turning off the car's engine when you're coasting, braking, or stopped. Maybe it'll lend a bit of power to the internal combustion engine and have regenerative braking. So we may not get better low end torque from it.
Hm... well, way to take away any fun benefit from the hybrid. I guess just for straight mileage and efficiency over anything else.
Oh man, I hate the start/stop technology that put into some of the new cars. I hope they don't do the same to the new wrangler. They just feel clunky when you're doing some city driving.
Holy moly yea that thing is horrible. Excessively annoying and especially if I put a loud exhaust on the Wrangler, that'll be even more annoying.
All you'll hear if the exhaust constantly cutting on and off when you're rolling around in the city. It's just weird IMO and not worth the fuel savings, that's not why I wanted a Jeep!

At least add an optional button to turn it off or else it could turn me away from the JL.
You guys might not like it but this is an SUV that just about anyone can afford, it's a vehicle built for mass appeal, not for a select group. That being the case tech like this along with others that achieve the same goal go a long way in Jeep pleasing the EPA and other gov't agencies. It's just how the game is played these days.

Since the JL will be my main commuter, I rather have this tech.

Check your motivations for buying at the door :D
It'll be my main commuter as well and having the start/stop tech won't deter me from getting one, it's just more of an irritation I'll have to get used to if there isn't an option to turn it off. I can see it being a necessity for the Jeep brand for fuel emission requirements depending on how FCA's emission credits are looking.
Easy solution is to not stop as close to vehicles or not stop as close to the line at a red light, a couple seconds before traffic starts moving or the light goes green (yeah I time them) ease on the throttle. That's if its off the line reaction annoys you but overall most people have been happy about it. The upside potential of the tech makes me forget about the downsides.
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