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Hello everyone! We are proud to be associated with WranglerJLForum.com and look forward to supporting other members and answering questions. Our quest is to provide faster oil delivery performance along with increased capacity and filtration options not available with current cartridge oil filter configurations. Anti-drainback valves found in most spin-on filters offer the ability to prevent oil from draining/siphoning from the engine into the oil pan during cold starts, regardless of filter location and orientation. Cartridge oil filters found in MOPAR engines do not have this capability. Since most engine wear occurs at cold start-up, immediate oil pressure and delivery is critical to the longevity and reliability of any internal combustion engine.
Baxter Performance will soon be offering a Remote Cartridge Oil Filter Adapter for 2014 and newer 3.6 Liter Pentastar engine. This Remote Adapter will allow the ability to add oil system components such as accumulators, coolers, larger filters and bypass filtration systems.
Check us out at bpadapters.com
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