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Blind spot add on

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hi everyone I have the LED tail lights with no blind spot sensors. I found the mopar part for the radar sensor was wondering if they can simply be added and activated with the taser jl or additional parts needed?

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I believe that the tech parts are inside, and can be activated with a programmer. But in order to be fully functional you'll probably also need the mirrors (with blinkers). Could be worth looking into once they are cheaper.
Blind spot

i ordered the radar module and opened the rear signal LED but it seems there are a few parts to add my question is if the wiring is actually there from the rear to the head unit
I do not believe that they can be added after the fact, as you will require a new wiring harness. So this could end up being a very expensive add on. Imo JEEP should really just be placing the same harness from factory in all models, so owners like you can do exactly this.
they do sell the harness it’s actual not the expensive part but don’t think there would be electrical work?
IMO it might be better of to wait till you're ready to get a newer year model. Holding onto first year production vehicles aren't always the greatest either.
I would just confirm whether or not you do in fact also need the mirrors for the system to work properly. I don't foresee the electrical work being that involved.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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