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Bollinger B1 - All Electric off-road SUV

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Saw this on a Jalopnik article. Can't say it's a real competitor, but sure is interesting to see someone else step up to the plate.

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Didn't really pay much attention to the pure-electric SUV because of its short range and hideous design. I can understand that Bollinger Motors was going for an off-road rugged look but that thing is just hideous and not aerodynamic at all.

And for a starting price of $60,000 USD, I may as well get a Wrangler. Jeep's product is cheaper and performs just as well.
I think it's a pretty smart idea, hideous, but smart. Because it's so quiet, you won't be scaring off every animal around you.
There's also the 100% torque available off the line, which should be great for crawling and you won't have to worry about engine flooding.
Probably the biggest benefit to the large car makers like Jeep is now they will see real responses to a real electric SUV all while they're working on their own version. But even without this new EV SUV, still easy to see where things are going. If we are getting a Plug-In Hybrid Pacifica right now.... what does that tell you guys about where things are going?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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