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Can now order Mojito!

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That really bright green color we saw last year with all the Mopar mods is now available for order! Time to get yours or put in a deposit for one because there's definitely going to be a long line for this unique color. I suppose the next bright color to go on sale later is the yellow. Dealerships gets new order sheets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, so we'll find out around that time every month if new colors are going to be available.
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Glad to see that they are finally expanding the options list. Think I might hold out awhile until we get confirmation that there will be no more colors to choose from. Really like how these brighter paints look on the JL.
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I suppose they are gradually releasing new colors, so that they can try and keep up with demand. I know they we're having production issues even with alternative soft top colors.
There's a very high demand for the new Wrangler JL and Jeep sold a record number of them in March, so production may be barely keeping up with demand. I think things are produced in batches too, so they're producing something like a bunch of red Wranglers before blue. Guess more colors would mean longer initial wait times for the more popular colors.
I have a feeling that of all color Jeeps to wear blacked out parts, Mojito will be the most popular. On the example below you can see how well a good amount of black goes with Mojito, especially the grille:

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Man that black on green color scheme looks incredible. Love the accenting on the wheels as well, but I'm assuming they are aftermarket? I can see why they held off on releasing this color, as I have a feeling there will be a lot of demand for it.
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