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Clutch Sensor Issue

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I was supposed to pick up my new 2DR JL this past Monday (6/4) The dealer called at the last minute and said that a sensor was indicating that the clutch was not engaged when it was causing a check engine light. I went out of town on business and was supposed to pick it up this morning (6/7). They just called and said they replaced the sensor but it still is having an issue starting reliably on first turn.

They are on the phone "with Jeep engineers." Has anyone else had the same/similar situation?
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Don't think anyone else has this problem yet, so it could be a one off issue with your Wrangler JL. Maybe the dealership can give you another one? Or you can try and bargain for a few extra goodies for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately they only have one other 2 DR JL and its a white automatic transmission which I'm not interested in. I get that its a new model and may have one off problems, but my patience is running thin. The problem is the only other Black manual in the whole state of New York is a couple hundred miles away. Hopefully it turns out to be a non issue.

Thanks for the response
I am a little curious why the dealer waited so long to confirm everything was sound with your JL. Can't believe they are already having to swap components prior to you even picking it up. Suppose that's better than not being able to get it to turn over in your driveway.
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