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Death Wobble

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Learning something new every day when it comes to Jeeps and today it is of the infamous Death Wobble, where the front axle begins violently oscillating. I assume this is going to be a common concern with Wrangler owners including future JL owners since it can be caused by incorrectly installed steering or suspension components.

Is there a way to minimize or outright do away with this risk?
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Ensure that all of your parts are in good condition. Tie rods, ball joints, track bar, stabilizers, etc.
That's essentially it, the other thing would be making sure you know what to do in that situation because it could end up really badly.
Would a stock Wrangler ever get the death wobble?
Yup. If you look through JK forums, a lot of owners have been getting the death wobble but due to worn parts like steering stabilizers and what not.
I'm guessing it'll take years before that happens, maybe in the double digits so long as I take care of it and make sure to rust proof everything once in a while.
Owners that are really concerned about this just need to be extra conscious about even the smallest of sounds and odd things they feel when driving. Then following that up with routine inspections if you don't know or can't do it yourself.
Just gotta be aware of what to do when the Death Wobble happens once your Wrangler gets older. In most situations if you slow down enough the wobble will stop, but other times coming to a complete stop is necessary.
Definitely won't be double digits. It all depends on what you put it through on a daily driving basis. If you live somewhere with terrible roads, you'll see components wearing drastically quickly which in turn can cause a death wobble among other issues.
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