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Deegan 38 Armor Giveaway

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Extreme Terrain has partnered with off road racing legend Brian Deegan to offer a an exclusive parts giveaway for Wrangler owners. Between now and September 30th, you can enter a daily draw to try and win a $3,000 Deegan 38 Amor build for your new JL. This kit will come with new bumpers, fender flares, skid plates, rock sliders, lighting and more. Entere daily at https://www.extremeterrain.com/deegan-38-armor-giveaway.html
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Maybe its because I come from a history of pick-up's and larger SUV's like the Suburban but for this theme I think a more aggressive bumper would do the Wrangler justice....

this is more like it...
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Don't really know how I feel about all that cladding on the doors and fenders, but I guess its function over form with this kind of build. And I had a similar light bar on an older JK model and had to remove it due to constant whistling at freeway speeds. I like the wheel setup and fender flares though. Going have a look at the giveaway.
That picture is a little misleading as I don't see any mention of a lift kit or aftermarket wheels. I do like all the additional lighting in the grille, fender flares and rock sliders.
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