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Diesel Wrangler JL Spotted?

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The person who took these pictures claimed that they saw a bit of black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes when the mule tried to speed away from them.

I spotted this prototype Jeep Wrangler. He noticed I was taking pictures and started to drive away very quickly. As he started to pull ahead of me I noticed a bit of “dark” smoke come out of the exhaust. Could this be the 3.0 Ecodiesel Wrangler? They are using LED headlights on this model.

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It's possible. It would have helped if he were to have taken a closer listen as it was passing by and pulling away, that would have been a great aid in determining if it was a diesel as they sound very distinct.
There is speculation about the Jeep JL's engine options and one of them was rumored to be a turbo-diesel. Jeep hasn't confirmed anything so we're all speculating and for all we know, that was a gas engine that's burning too much fuel and they're making adjustments.
Wranglers have been sold in other countries with a turbo-diesel option, but not in NA as far as I know. If it's being tested in Michigan, then maybe Jeep is planning to sell the a 3.0 Ecodiesel Wrangler in NA.
The same diesel in the RAM 1500 is somewhat quite so in videos like this it will be hard to spot it. All depending on the quality of video, how close they are to the vehicle, and so on. But one thing for sure is that FCA is looking for more ways to off load that engine, just one model running it isn't good enough, that's a fact.
Kinda wish it was some sort of turbo diesel getting shoe-horned into the Wrangler.. that would be pretty cool to be honest.
Does Jeep have a turbo diesel in any of their cars in Europe? Or maybe FCA can take it from another brand.
I think they have that 3.0L turbo diesel in the Grand Cherokee.. or they did? A lot of the things that I'm pulling up either list it as turbo diesel or just diesel so I'm not 100% sure. Can anyone find some sort of solid answer?
Its the same EcoDiesel engine fitted in the RAM 1500 Diesel. It wasn't too long ago when they started using these power plants so its easy to see why Wranglers are getting them now. Lucky for us the chance of running into issues will be much lower, 2+ years on the market has to weed out issues.
A 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine inside a Wrangler will be a sight to see. fuel economy will definitely go up considering how many MPG the Ram gets. I think it has around 240 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, which will feel more potent in a lighter and smaller body like the Wrangler JL.
Never got to drive one around to see how they feel in the Ram but the thing I love about diesels too is how tunable they are and the amount of products out for them. The Rams already have a tuner that bumps you up to 28psi of boost and gets you an additional 114lb-ft of torque. Total of 285whp and 492lb-ft of torque. The stock torque reading they got off of the dyno was 378lb-ft.

For $850 , it's definitely worth every penny.

PPEI ECM Tuning Package | 14-16 Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel
Interesting, they have different levels you can program the ECM to. But the stock amount of torque is fine so long as it comes in at low rpm. The Ram gets 420 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm and it could be lower in the Wrangler for climbing purposes.
Not only will we get better climbing power but on the street in regular driving conditions we'll see better gas mileage It plays perfectly into the rest of their gas mileage efforts, weight saving being another one.

JL sure seems like a well rounded product so far.
What rpm does the JK torque peak at? Would be a good indicator of what we could see Jeep tune their JL to.
The most common engine, the 3.6L Pentastar V6 gets 260lb-ft at 4600rpm which is pretty high in my opinion. I would much prefer a lower peak torque range.
I'd like to see that rev range halved for more crawl power because most drivers will be hard pressed to rev that high while off-roading with a manual transmission.
In a scenario where you need to actually crawl or get over a rock of some sort, you're definitely not hitting 4600rpm at all. Way too high and I can imagine by that time it may induce spin
In a scenario where you need to actually crawl or get over a rock of some sort, you're definitely not hitting 4600rpm at all. Way too high and I can imagine by that time it may induce spin
My guess is 1/2 of that for the average off-roader here when in a lower gear. It's the hardcore guys that hammer it through steep inclines. No average off-roader will stress their brand new Wrangler that much.

Even in off-road drives that Jeep might hold we'll see some similar usage of power, similar to what I outlined.
I wouldn't be crawling steep rocks like the ones found at Moab, but 4600rpm still seems too high for the kind of car the Wrangler is. Peak torque at around 2000rpm should be more than sufficient from factory.
You also have to remember, their primary concern from the factory isn't so people can go out and rock crawl. They need to be geared towards actual roadways and regulations and what not. Yes they do still take into consideration the off-road functionality more-so than the average, but it definitely isn't a primary concern in that regard.
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