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ESC Errors

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About every other drive, I get an ESC idiot light after about 10 minutes if driving. Calling the Service Desk tomorrow to have them pull the codes this week. Anyone else having this issue?
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There have been a couple complaints of this issue on some other forums and your best bet it to take it to the dealer to identify the error code. Though it may vary from vehicle to vehicle, this problem has been rectified by replacing the ABS module.
Some have also mentioned wheel speed sensors as the culprit on older models. Be sure to let us know what the dealer finds.
Appt tomorrow AM will update after.
Update on ESC error

#1 - ESC thru “vacuum leak code” All hose connections etc., checked nothing found. Threw ESC error again two hours after leaving dealer. Back next week for more investigation.

#2 Rear seat passenger release lever (large one) snapped at cable attachment point - some JL rear seat release cables were routed incorrectly - seat disassembly to check cable routing when replacing part arrives next week for install.

Stay tuned.
Final update on ESC error

Well after a cold Maine winter, finally had a day warm enough to throw another ESC code. Apparently, over the winter this problem made it in to the JEEP system and a new Vacumn pump has been ordered. Their is an internal contact relay not designed adequately for the vibration and temperature - solution replace the pump.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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