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Free Mopar gobo!

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Check it out! A Mopar Door Projector, FOR FREE!

When you purchase $250 through Oracle Lighting, for ANY ITEM, you receive the FREE Mopar GOBO!

How you may ask?
Email Me Melissa[at]Oraclelights[dot]com
Call me Maybe? 504-322-4094

No more guessing if you're parked over a puddle or not! The New ORACLE LED door Projectors re-define the "puddle light" Vividly Projects your favorite logo on the floor surface when you open your vehicle's door, hooks right up to your door's wiring. This product is sure to get some attention with added safety.

Q: What is a light GOBO?

A: Its an acronym for "GO Between Optics". It is an image that can be projected when an light source is introduced. In this case the light source is a high powered LED so the image is crisp, the housing is small, and it puts out very little heat.
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