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Gas Tank Leak...

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Several JL Rubi owners, including me, have had to have the gas tank, fuel pump and evaporation canister replaced. The breather tube that allows air to fill the tank as gas is used was not extended out of the tank during assembly. The service department found my tube lying in the bottom of the tank. The tube outlet on the top of the tank was thus open. If you overfilled the tank by holding the gas pump faucet, gas could splash out of the tank. Several other Rubi owners also had the same problem. My Rubi was towed to the dealer to see why gas as coming out. While the Jeep was being unloaded, the front end was raised and several gallons of gas poured onto the service garage floor.

Jeep did replace the tank and pump under warranty.

So if you want to check your new Jeep...fill the tank as far as it will go. Lift the front end at a fairly steep angle and see if gas pours onto the ground.
I was lucky...my Rubi only had a couple of hundred miles on it, and the major gas dump occurred while the engine was cold from being towed to the dealer.
I could have had a major car fire, if I had filled the tank and then driven up a steep incline and gallons of gas had dumped unto the hot exhaust pipe or muffler.
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Appreciate the heads up on this, and good to know the Jeep is willing to fix the problem under warranty. I know there were some early reports of JL fires and I wonder if this issue was a factor.
I'm hoping that this was just an issue on your particular model, but I'm glad you were able to have it addressed before it resulted in any serious problems. FCA really needs to improve their QA before their products ship out for delivery.
It might help to also include your build number since there might be other owners of a similar production batch experiencing the same issue.
my jeep has an unusual gas tank problem. It was parked for a few hours on a steep incline heading downward. I started it with my keyfob. When I got in and started to drive off i noticed my gas gauge read EMPTY. I stopped, turned the ignition off and restarted the car. Gauge went back to normal..
That sounds more like an issue with your fuel sensor than the gas tank. I'd keep an eye on your gauge if that's the case, because you might not be getting accurate readouts. Is this the first time you've seen that?
If it happens again or you have a good dealer that won't mind hooking it up to a scan tool then definitely take it in.
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