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Gladiator specs

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So its official that the upcoming Jeep pickup will be called the Gladiator. For launch it will be offered with a 3.6l engine that produces 285hp and 260lb-ft of torque. The pickup will have a new frame that its 31 inches longer than a Wrangler Unlimited. Its also looking to be an extremely capably truck with a max towing capacity set at 7,650lbs. FCA has also said that starting in 2020 it will be offered with the EcoDiesel found in the Ram.
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This is looking to be a solid platform for a new truck and a welcome addition to the midsize segment. The new Ford Ranger is looking to be the new pace setter, so it'll be interesting to see how FCA decides to price their new candidate.
Expect higher class hitches to boost that towing capacity a bit, past the 8,000 LBS mark I bet.
If you are looking for more towing capacity just step up to a full size truck. At this current rating its nearly identical to what's being offered by the new Ranger. Jeeps have never been about towing, so these numbers are fairly impressive.
Regardless there will be demand for it, especially being a real pickup this time around and we all know its a requirement of such products.
looking interesting specs, now the jeep is out and we are using that for 24-hour towing service nyc, very great capacity to tow we are satisfied with the performance and recommend to others.
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