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Hey jeep lovers. I just received my JL Rubicon 2021 led package. Does anyone know how to turn the halo led lights? I tried all lighting settings but still not working.
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I decided to have another look at things to confirm wiring. I pulled the headlights again and confirmed the following:

1) The headlight wiring harness on the Sport trims only have 3 wires (out of a possible 6). There are plugs/blanks in the empty spaces. I played around with the connector a bit but I don't know enough about it to figure out how to add a 4rth wire on my own. I also tried to see how a replacement harness might connect to the jeep - such as the one listed on the Mopar LED headlight package. I can't see how a replacement harness would work. Here is a pick of the connector:

sport headlight connector.jpg

2) I confirmed that the halogen headlights expect a 3 wire harness (although it wouldn't be a problem if you supplied 4 (like a Sahara or Rubicon probably does)) and the LED headlights expect a 4 wire harness. Here are picks of the wiring port for each headlight. Halogen first then LED:

halogen headlight port.jpg

led headlight port.jpg

While I was at it I decided to clean up under the hood a bit...

clean engine.jpg

So thats it for today. At this point I am waiting to see what the wiring harness looks like in the LED headlight package. At the same time I am going to talk to some folks about adding a 4rth wire to the existing connector. I figure I could patch into the parking lights and turn on both the LED switchback parking lights and the halos at the same time using the parking lights as my DRL.

If anyone has any new information let me know. these are the headlights on me jeep LED Halo Headlights w/ DRL for 97-18 Jeep Wrangler TJ/ JK - High Country Off-road (highcountryoffroad.com)

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