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Hello All

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Have a 2018 JLRubicon Unlimited. Bought January 2018. I have 23,000 plus miles on it with no issues until today. Went to start this am and nothing, thought the battery was dead. Roadside service sent out for a jump, did not work. Removd battery cables and everything went crazy. Wipers went on, every warning notification flew across the screen. Could not get out of park and park override did not work. Roadside Assistance then came and towed to my dealer! Anyone gone thru this and what might the issue be?
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Welcome to the forum Stormy. I was under the impression that FCA had addressed all the electrical grubbins that were plaguing early JL models. Very curious to hear what your dealer reports is the cause. Have you added any additional powered accessories?
Just picked up from Dealer. Replaced Battery. Everything seems to be running as usual. Thanks
All Stock. Nothing added.
Congrats on the JL and welcome to the forum. Any idea what caused the drain on your battery? Glad to hear things are back in working order.
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