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Hello from Patrick at ORACLE Lighting

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Hey everyone,

My name is Patrick and I work at Oracle Lighting (seriously, go check out my picture on our site). I just wanted to introduce myself as we (ORACLE) are now sponsoring this very forum, WranglerJLForum.com.

We will be posting a lot of content on our Vendor Section including new products, install videos, customer pictures and full-on demonstrations. Any other suggestions?

I’m definitely excited for the chance to interact with the JL community and hopefully make some friends and connections along the way, so feel free to DM/PM me with any questions about our new products, pricing, installation, forum manners or whatever else you can think of.... I'm an open book ;)

- P

PS: I'll also be giving out discount codes through PMs for WranglerJLForum members to our website so stay tuned.
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