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I'm All Goose-Pimply

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Hello, folks!

Just a YJ owner trying to keep up with the new Jeep shenanigans. I like what I've seen so far!
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Welcome to the forums. Time to spring for a new Wrangler? How long have you had the YJ for??
Welcome to the forum! How's your YJ holding up? I believe the last time they were produced was in '95.
It's going to be a huge difference when you get the JL.
Hey! Are you the modding type? Would love to see some photos of that YJ :)
Wow a YJ owner, every time I see a YJ its rusting or show obvious signs that it just came back from being thrown around at the local trail :D
When you see those, that means the YJ has led a long and dirt filled life which is exactly what they were made for. I'm hoping to keep the JL for years to come and drive it until it shows just as much personality.
Instead of miles, it's counted as smiles. So many smiles have come from those!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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