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Issues with steering still on going

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What at first seemed to be just a few reports, is now looking to be a more widespread issue in relation to loose steering. TFL just posted up a new article about it and the poll suggests that many owners aren't satisfied with the current handling.https://www.tflcar.com/2018/12/2019-jeep-wrangler-steering-issues/
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30 people is a very small portion when you consider the number of JL's that have already sold. It's more likely that most of those people may be brand new to the Wrangler, so they are unaccustomed to how it handles.
Affected models seem to be hit or miss from new owners. Have seen a few concerning videos up on YouTube such as this one. Certainly wouldn't be driving it on the freeway until a solution is found.
Even if its a problem that only affects a handful of models currently, there has been essentially no feedback from FCA at all and no remedy. I find it hard to believe that dealers aren't able to replicate the issue and that sounds like a cop out to me.
That video is a bit more serious than just loose steering. Don't even know how that owner is driving their Wrangler with such severe dead spots.
If you read through the comments there are some other owners claiming their Wrangler has similar symptoms. Doesn't look like dealers or even Mopar can source the problem, so some might have better luck filing a claim with NHTSA.
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Rarely you're going to find a dealer that goes beyond the book, meaning little to no solution right now. Independent tech's can provide more insight.
I noticed on the video that his tire pressure is all below recommended and red. I dropped my tire pressure to 20psi and it went red as I expected however I noticed I began to get deathwoble. I raised psi to normal and deathwoble went away. Then I noticed that I was starting to get it again and also noticed that the tire pressure was different on front tires. 32-33, I aired to 33 on both and went over same bump that gave me deathwoble the day before and no wobble. My guess would be that the new steering is overcompensating when the input from the psi is different. I am not a mechanic.. and this is just a guess but it fixed my issue.
New steering dampers

2019 2 dr JL , manual, delivered Dec 11, 2019. First time jeep wrangler owner. Noticed steering seemed very strange, moving left and right way too much. Drove over 200 miles at 50 mph, just could not accept steering was normal. Dealer diagnosed needed to replace steering dampers. After replacement, much improved. Much more confidence in the car now!


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you cannot use the 30 people as a representation of anything. The important number is the percentage of the people that where asked the question responded YES to steering problems. That number is more the 75%(currently over 80%). That my friend represent a very serious problem with widespread occurrences.
Steering Issues

We bought our JL 4 weeks ago, finding the steering too loose and hard to keep in a straight line.
Took it to the dealer on Saturday, they said the alignment is spot on and they drove it around and said they found no issues, drove normally to them.

I don't get it, there is so much play in the steering wheel that I am constantly making adjustments to keep it straight.

I read somewhere that there is an adjustment that can be made on the steering box to take up the play.

Anyone have any information, I feel the dealer is not going to help.
New STAR sheet S1819000003 dated 2/26/2019 on Steering feels loose and or wanders - replaces front trackbar with a new unit having harder compound grommets.
I was a first time Jeep owner recently and my first impressions were the same as yours but over time I became used to it and found that it was ok. The new JL models added so much power in their power steering as well as a very tight turning circle that it is very different than most other American vehicles. Some serious off-roaders have complained about it too. My suggestion is just give it time and experience and you will afapt.
I had the trackbar replaced by JEEP dealer under this star case a few days ago. It make a great difference in the steering. Since I am familiar with the way my jeep runs, I asked a friend , familiar with my jeep if they could feel the difference. They said it is a GREAT improvement.
I am not sure it is 100%, I have not had it on the highway yet, But is no longer wanders.
The way I tested my jeep was I got on a straight road held the steering wheel solid. After a few 100 feet the jeep started to wander to the left ( a good bit) I straightened the car and continued the test. Now the jeep wandered to the other side of the road. After the trackbar fix, my jeep does not wander on the same road to either side, well maybe a little (as expected), but not left then right. There is room for improvement in the steering, But this is a great improvement

P.S. they did not do the alignment even thiugh i asked for it. They said it did not need it for this part replacement (??????) I am not a mechanic so i could not argue fro a point of strength.
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Hi, this is my first post. I found you guys when searching for issues. I hate that it was that way as it's a great forum otherwise. Here goes...

I've got a good bit of play in my steering on a 2018 Wrangler Unlimited JL Rubicon. Yes, I test drove it. Mostly on the interstate though. I really noticed it on my way home around corners (after the deal was done). I owned a 2015 Sahara before this one and it's very different. The dealership tried to tell me that it's normal for Rubicons to feel that way and it will tighten over time. It's hard for me to believe that, but what can you do? They tested alignment and it was good. Nevertheless, It feels dangerous on the highway and around corners. I have to really focus to keep it centered in tight spaces like construction zones. My wife was excited, but feels too nervous to drive it again. I thought at min I could get used to it. No. I get in our minivan after driving this thing and the van's steering feels like a fine tuned Porsche in comparison.

Aside from that... I took it in for the steering issue only to instead leave it for two weeks due to a bad heater core. It had a strong bad smell with the heat on that I thought was a "new" smell that would go away. It had less than 500 miles on it when they replaced the heater core.

So, I'm up to around 2k miles. Still have steering issues and a coolant smell whether the heat is on or not. Jeep US Customer care has assigned two case workers to it that have not followed up with me either time. The dealership themselves scratched my dash when replacing the heater core and said they would order a new one and still have not made good on it. I made another appointment with them this week, but I'm not excited about bringing it back there.

Any real suggestions?
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Just got a call from the dealer. Everything is perfectly fine according to them. Phantom issues. Even after the service guy who rode with me said "yeah that's definitely too much play". Looks like I'm incompetent and don't know how a vehicle should feel or perform. Thanks Jeep.
After complaining again... Jeep USA had me take it to another dealer. This dealer said it was out of alignment. They claim it's incapable of a proper alignment due to a defect. The service guy found a star case on the steering issue (also mentioned in parts of this forum). They have ordered a new / updated model track bar. The only problem is that it's on backorder. Imagine that. I'll update with the results.
I got the Jeep back from the second dealer. I think it's good to go now. They replaced the track bar and did a proper alignment. It is noticeably different. The steering is still not quite as tight my last Jeep, but it now responds faster and stays in lane. I'm happy now in spite of the hassle. I hope that's the end of the big problems. So... Stay positive fellow Jeepers. Call Jeep / FCA customer support and demand safety if needed. It took some pushing, but they came through for us in the end. I finally got the right person on the line. Turns out the first dealer did not know what they were doing. The second dealer allowed us to present information obtained in this forum. Ultimately, that's what helped the most. Thanks to all who contributed.

Now, I will move on to the deep rabbit hole of customization! My kids are excited to help with that.
I spoke to JOE at FCA today. New steering stabilizer out to help with wobble and wander issues released last three weeks. Also, the firmer bushed Trac-Bar noted a few months back. They know they have a problem and are trying to resolve it before the Fed’s push the issue. I have him expediting to my local dealer. I had already replaced my stabilizer and will reimburse for my purchase. Wow, they are concerned, NHTSB must have the hairy eyeball on reports of the death wobble. Sorry, no starsheet number to share.
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