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Jeep Factory Workers Gets To Ride In A Wrangler

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Must be nice to be a Jeep employee because workers at the Toledo North Assembly Plant will be getting Wrangler rides on an intense off-road course with professional off-road drivers behind the wheel. Too bad it's not the JL and probably the older JK.

Jeep workers to experience Wrangler off road capabilities before - Toledo News Now, News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH
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They may be driving the Wranglers themselves, but I'd imagine that the test drive on this course was fun nonetheless and Jeep seems to be treating their workers better than average.
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You think its fun but just imagine how many times they have gone through this testing, at that point it just gets boring just like any job where you are doing the same thing over and over. For journalists doing this test it will be fun for sure, hopefully they give us something similar.
I assume not every employee at the plant gets a chance to test ride the Wrangler, that's more of a engineering and development department perk than assembly line workers. Probably had a hoot going over those logs with how jarring it is even with the Wrangler's suspension system.
Think the factory workers will get a chance to test ride the Wrangler JL before everyone else?
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