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Jeep Jl Wrangler 4 door Unlimited Wind Noise

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I have had my 4 door JL with the 3 piece Freedom Top now for about a month and noticed a wind noise at the driver's side, upper pillar corner and door area. Took it to one dealership, kept it for a week and they were unable to fix the problem. I then took it to another dealer and they had their "leak guy" narrow the problem down to the corner hood cowl. They removed the corner hood cowl on both sides and sealed the area behind it..... Noise is gone. Spoke to a few other guys and this problem seems to be inherent on this model.
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A little surprised to hear that they were actually able to identify and solve the issue. With how modular the Wrangler is, a lot of owners just accept the fact that it's going to be a bit noisier than normal.
this is a good example of why people should try out different dealers because not all of them operate the same and not all will have tech's with the same knowledge.
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