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Jeep Wrangler JL Production

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According to some info from ca.motor1.com , Bruce Baumhower, president of United Auto Worked Local 12 confirmed that the regular production of the Wrangler JL will commence in November, while pre-production is scheduled to begin "much earlier".

Jeep will be shutting down it's Toledo plant in Ohio for 6 months in order to get the retooling done starting in April.

The Cherokee production will be moved to Illinois at the Belvidere factory where the assembly of the old Compass and Patriot came to a stop at the end of December.

The JK however will continue to run production until March of next year when FCA will close that are down to get production ready for the JT (Jeep Scrambler)

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Pre-production? So I'm assuming those models will be used for test drives and shows before getting scrapped? Assuming that is the case, we should be seeing reviews around September and October?
I'm under that impression too. Used for testing, media test drives, and things of the likes I believe. It would make sense to get reviews around that time as that's typically the time of year when majority of car makers allow reviews and what not to be posted.
I think most of us seen this coming with the lack of mention for late 2016 production for early 2017 launch.
Any members here know people that live within a reasonable distance to the production plant? Come time to retool and get production going on JL and JT's, they might just get spotted on the plants surrounding roads.
Unfortunately the Toledo plant is close to 480km away from me so... I can't really help too much on that front. But I'm sure there's going to be people waiting for spy shots outside of the plant. They'll probably have a few driving around just for testing and what not as usual.
Don't spy photographers make it their life's work to roam around production plants to get those sweet shots? They'll probably sell whatever they can catch during the retooling and testing process to publications and then we'll see them.
Pretty much, their completely committed to squatting in certain places hoping to catch anything juicy that they can sell. We'll see the testing but I doubt we'll see shots of the re-tooling
That or they have inside information on when these vehicles will be out in order to capture them. If you think about it, getting spy shots out do car makers a lot of good. If they didn`t want the public seeing these then you know what would happen. All part of the game.
Even before October, we should still see more and more Wrangler JL mules roaming around for final road testing. Jeep can still produce those pre-production models even without retooling, just in smaller numbers.
Hot weather testing might be one of the things we see and with Jeep expanding into different markets for all we know it will be in the Middle East inside of Arizona.

Many questions, little answers.
We can definitely sit and speculate various locations that it'll be testing and when we'll be seeing it and what not, but we have nothing concrete. So we just have to wait, be patient, and see lol.
Colorado is another area we can see it being tested. If that happens we are sure to see the guys from TFL truck report about it. Being an area they live around at least for us it means more eyes on the ground to keep track of what might not get reported elsewhere.

Anyone here from Colorado? Maybe we can get you to periodically check the cabins up their ;)
Wish I was near Colorado. Maybe Jeep will lessen the amount of camouflage they use the closer we are to the JL's debut. That way we'll get a better picture of what the final production model could look like.
Forget about periodically checking, we're gonna get you to camp out with some cameras and a sleeping bag ! ;)

They'll slowly cut down their camo though, it's what they do as reveal time gets closer. Then as the more camo drops, the more accurate renderings we'll get.
Being a product they don`t need much hyping up to do i doubt they`ll remain tight lipped instead I bet we`ll see it in full before an official reveal. Usually its the car makers that are releasing a first that keep everything tight lipped till the final moment.
What they may keep covered is the roof portion since the new Wrangler is rumored to have a few new roof options available, unless they're testing out the power soft top then we'll see it in action.
True, but it might be hard to spot that soft top, only indication will be the creases of where it rests on the roof and the typical camo won't allow us to easily distingush a soft top roof from the actual frame areas.
Yup.. and if that put some loose fitted camo on a hard top... it'll look like a soft top anyhow. It's gonna be a tricky one lol.
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