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Jeep Wrangler May Debut At 2017 LA Auto Show

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That's right! The new Wrangler JL could debut at the 2017 LA Auto Show! CEO Sergio Marchionne told The Toldeo Blade that Jeep may have to reveal it soon as they're planning to have more test vehicles on the road and there's really no way spy photographers can miss that distinctive shape.

“We may be forced to go to Los Angeles to launch the car. We’ll have them running around,” he said. “I can’t cover them up with masking tape. The car is too distinctive. We may show it in Los Angeles in November and then launch it officially here in January.”
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Has he thought of paper mache ? ;)

But the LA auto show is still going to be at the end of the year so we have a great amount of time. We will be seeing some spy shots real soon though :)
I won't be surprised if they hold an even of their own to make this happen. It's a growing trend these days and for a product that will go into more markets than its predecessor that idea is moving closer to happening. Thoughts?
It's a long time to wait, but at least we have a general idea of when we'll see the uncovered Wrangler JL. And there's only so much you can do to cover such a distinctive design without compromising the aerodynamics too much.

If he says LA auto show, I don't think the Wrangler JL will debut at a Jeep VIP event. He even has an official launch planned for next year.
If he says the LA auto show then it'll be just that. They wouldn't randomly host their own event without mentioning it and having it planned well in advance. Just need to be patient and wait it out. The spy shots/videos will be surfacing soon enough. They're not gonna go out of their way to try and super disguise it or anything.
There's no exact science so it might even be a case of us seeing say a basemodel and only that. Then at LA all the trims get shown off.
Seems like they would only need to be testing the base models out and about really to get the main functions and everything set properly. The higher trims only really come down to a change in features. But... anything is possible. I'm just getting kind of excited as the days go by but I can contain it lol.
Fortunate for them, this being the Wrangler, there's little pressure to have all the trims available right away. Once people know its coming they'll wait. Hard for someone to move to anther SUV.
That's if the higher trims come with the same "hardware". If the higher trims have some sort of different suspension components, they'll need to be out testing as well.
We'll be happy with a base model, just that would get our modding juices flowing and the aftermarket scrambling to see what they can offer to go with the new Wrangler. There will be plenty of potential buyers who are interested in just the base model for all the modding fun to be had. I may not be one of them, but I'm still willing to wait for the available trims.
Well for trims, I can't imagine it deviating much from what's currently offered. Instead it will build on what we're used to. So we'll have the option of either a regular based Wrangler or Wrangler Unlimited.

They just need to keep up with offering those Limited Edition models. Willys, 75th, Winter, and Hard Rock are great for now.
We'll most likely get the Sport and Sport S trims to start with, then Rubicon will probably follow along with Sahara just so Jeep can cover drivers with access to different trails.
Perhaps Jeep will release a few trims and power-trains at the same time so buyers won't have to wait, Jeep will have the production capacity to do so one the factory retooling is complete. What power-trains do you think we'll see in the new JL?
No idea at this point, but we could see FCA’s ZF-sourced nine-speed automatic transmission as an option in the new Wrangler. It's supposed to return impressive fuel economy ratings.
It's really down to personal preference and what I think it a problem, others may not. Jeep can try all they want to create a flawless Wrangler JL so long as it doesn't raise the price of the base model too much. Wouldn't want to push away first time buyers with price shock.
You can't possibly think that pricing will increase so much that it will discourage people from buying. Do you really think that an apple that sells for $0.50 today makes sense to be sold at $4 because of say something to do with a Trump Administration. Point is all they can do is incrementally increase prices year after year. The price today vs price 8 years from now will jump a good amount, but fromIf you really want to connect the dots, just have a look at which Wrangler models they sell a lot of and that`s what we can be 100% sure of comes at the original launch.

Along with that ZF transmission we will see a 6-speed come to market, too easy to offer that up and odds are this will be one of the last generations it stays. I'll be happy with the NSG370year to year, logic only points at something small and incremental.
It's too bad the Wrangler JL is expected to launch in Los Angeles in November because that means the JL won't be on sale until next year as 2018 model. That's a long while to wait and some may get tired of waiting or their lease expire and be forced to choose something else.
It really is a long wait.. thankfully I'm not in a rush and I don't mind holding off another year or so. Some people even buy beater cars to use whilst they're waiting for a new model to come out so that's always an option.
What might help our waiting is the fact SEMA falls not too far away from the LA show, meaning odds are we'll see something special at SEMA, before SEMA we might even see pictures or information of aftermarket parts in the works for the JL all in preparation for SEMA launch.

With how big of a deal the JL is, this has to happen.
Even if we don't see the JL at SEMA, we'll still see some badass JKs that are massively modified and will give me ideas for the JL just like every SEMA has been. So far the only remarks are that it'll be at the LA Auto Show so I'm not going to get my hopes up for SEMA, if it's there then great, if not, oh well.
Maybe Jeep is already working with some aftermarket companies to develop mods and accessories that we can see at SEMA. Those don't really need the physical car to be there.
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