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Looking for a good inside ground

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I am using the Aux switches and want to make sure i connect to a good ground inside the car. To bad jeep did not provide one. The only good place i found without taking apart the dash, was after removing the glove box (quite easily) there are two bolts holding two large terminator. The horizontal bar they are mounted on seems to be a good ground. But I do not want to interfere with jeeps electrical system. And heaven forbid do anything to interfere with the already flakey uConnect system. Does anyone know if this connector is an acceptable ground spot.
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I suggest you contact your dealer since a service advisor or someone even in the parts department with access to specifics might point you to a designated spot
@owltown. There is a unused ground point behind the front passenger kick panel. Ill include a pic. Also came across this handy guide, which goes over the install process.
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