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LS Swapped Wrangler - Would You Buy It?

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If you had about $28,000 would you buy a 2000 Jeep Wrangler or a brand new Willys Wheeler limited edition Wrangler ?

What if the 2000 Wrangler had a heap ton of work done to it, including an LS1 v8 swap?

This one here went through a frame-off build that has a long list of modifications to the suspension and drivetrain. It also comes with 17" chrome wheels and 35" tires but those are small details that don't really matter.

Aside from the LS1, it comes with custom driveshafts, an aftermarket transmission and a new transfer case. Oh, and a K&N air filter because, well why not?

Lifted 3.5' and painted in a blue pearl finish, it definitely is easy on the eyes.

But I'm not too sure if the price tag is worth it. What about you?


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I wouldn't spend that much money on a 17 year old Wrangler with a simple LS1 in it. Not worth it at all in my books. The engine really doesn't have a lot of work done to it but I do admire the transmission and drive shaft setup. Even so, still not worth it. I'll take a brand new one please.
I rather just go to an auction, get a Corvette and drive that for a couple years or till whenever I get tired of it, sell it and not have to take even a hair of the financial loss you get with a project like this. Might even end up selling it for more than I paid.

Best way to make use of an LS ;)
Never thought of that either haha ! You can outright buy a C5 Corvette for like... $8k. Or a used LS1 itself for $2k or so haha !
The Wrangler had 3 previous owners and they don't say anything about the power and torque output with the LS1 v8. Aside from the fancy sparkles they've installed, not much is said about its performance.

There's plenty of other cars I can buy with that $28,000.
It'll probably be in the range of 350ish whp give or take. Cams, Manifold, and TB give you some good power gains.

That being said, still not worth it for the money.
$28k can also be split into paying for leases on a brand new JL and brand new Corvette, or even an ZL1 Camaro ;)
What makes projects like this worse is vehicles these days are so advanced that going THIS custom starts to fade away.
But that's part of the Wrangler crowd, those who invest a lot of time and money into their cars. Sometimes it doesn't sell for as much as they think it would since it's geared towards what the owner likes.

Really down to who you're trying to sell it to. We're just more practical with $28,000.
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