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Hi everyone,

My name is Eric Mackenzie, and I'm our Sales Manager at MADNESS Autoworks.

Our official vendor account will be up shortly with a bit more information about who we are and what we do. Since I'm first from our team on the forum, I just want to say hello with a quick introduction.

We've got 2 full-service shops, one in the Los Angeles area, and one just west of Austin TX. We operate several websites oriented toward specific niches in the aftermarket world, and we just wrapped our first JL Wrangler build at our Texas office. Kind of hard to believe it's a 2.0T with how it reacts, even with the super heavy wheel/tire combo - we absolutely LOVE this machine!

We're coming to the JL platform from the street performance and Euro influenced side of things - we're the global leader in aftermarket performance products and accessories for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio - which has some fun crossover as far as engine/trans with the JL Wrangler. We've got a lot of parts and accessories already listed for the JL, with more items getting added weekly.

Was hoping to post some pics and links, but looks like I'll have to get some more posts in first.

Check us out at MADNESSAutoworks.com !
Instagram = @MADNESSAutoworks
Email = [email protected]
Phone = (512) 982-9393 #202
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