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Mopar to hit new milestones

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Demand for Mopar accessories are at an all time high. Thanks in part to the new JL, Mopar North American expects to do over $1 billion in aftermarket business this year. Because of the increased demand for pickups and SUV's, light tucks account for nearly 68% of the entire industry today. There's a quick interview with Steve Beahm, head of Mopar NA on trucks.com. https://www.trucks.com/2018/10/31/mopar-north-america-aftermarket-sales/
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Not all that surprising to see that the Wrangler and Ram account for nearly 50% of their business. That's really the whole appeal of the JL, is that you can fully spec it to be a daily driver that never sees the dirt or you can configure it to solely be a rock crawler.
they'll do even better as they get rid of the baggage, so far chopping the Avenger was one of them and there's still more to go.
I want to see more extreme lines of parts being offered.

The whole JK8 kit was a great example although it had other clear advantages that made it a success, but when the JL sells strong well into its last day of production, there's no question they'll be able to fill demand and get whatever parts they have out in reasonable timing.
Considering the early problems and recalls with the new JL, I think its going to be awhile before we see sales start to pick up. I know there are always going to be issues with a first generation but its not like they've completely redesigned the platform here.
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