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New member and first time Jeep owner

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After putting it off a few years I finally went and purchased my first Jeep last week but do not pick it up until tomorrow. I had seen the Jeep I wanted online and went to go look in person and walked the car lot for 20 minutes and nobody ever came out to help so I finally went into the showroom and there it was taunting me to buy it but still nobody would help and after 15 minutes or so I finally went and asked a guy if I could buy it and asked for his best price and he showed me the sticker and I showed him the price which was 3100 under invoice and then it had a button saying get your price here and I wasn’t going to play games all day and just make him an offer and they took it with it being 3900 under invoice so I am not sure if that was a great deal or not but nobody else around my area would even come off more than 1000 it seemed

I will post a few pictures once I have enough posts
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the JL! Sounds like your aggressive negotiating strategy paid off nicely. Which trim/spec did you go with?
Congratulations on the new Wrangler and welcome to the forum and brand. What else were you looking at before deciding on the JL?
Glad to have a new member on the forum.

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