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New to the forum. Pick up my 2DR hardtop JL tomorrow morning. Finally found a manual transmission on a black/black with black wheels. A little bummed that I can’t find any bikini tops yet. Does anyone know when they will be available from Quadratec, JCWhitney, Bestop, etc?

I look forward to visiting frequently.


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Grats on finding your dream Wranlger! Not sure about the bikini tops from Quadratec and the other companies don't have any for the JL yet either. I assume once one aftermaket top comes out, the rest will follow shortly after.
Congrats on the new JL and welcome to the forum! The only other soft top option that I have seen that's currently available is offered by Spiderwebshade. They are a pretty decent price, but I don't think they are waterproof.
Seen JK owners with this and the trick they mentioned was to spray it with a waterproof spray.
Those tops are pretty cheap, so it may be a worthwhile investment until some better options come to market. I think a large reason why its not advertised as waterproof is because there are quite a lot of gaps. It's pretty obvious from the brand name that these were designed solely for protection from the sun.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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