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Next Gen Wrangler: One Foot In The Past And One In The Future

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Wrangler enthusiasts have been looking at a similar body year after year no matter the generation and as the most popular nameplate under Jeep, the company needs to tread carefully with their next generation Wrangler.

Mike Manley, head man at Jeep recently spoke with Automotive News about their new Wrangler and by using the words "icon" and "anchor" of the Jeep brand, we can safely assume that the off-roader’s core features will remain intact.

Staying true its roots, we can expect to still see the solid front axles carried over along with its body-on-frame construction. Even though the body’s profile has been modified to improve aerodynamics, like with the steeper-raked windshield, the iconic body is still intact.

While the body profile can’t be modified too much, a number of changes have been made elsewhere like its powertrain. Jeep plans to offer more efficient engine choices and they’ll be paired with either a fuel saving eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. To improve the next gen Wrangler’s fuel economy further, the underpinning will be a lightweight and strong frame with aluminum used in place of steel for various body parts.

”You have to be very careful with the aero of Wrangler, because at the end of the day, it needs to be recognizable as a Wrangler. To some extent that restricts you on some of the aero that you can do. But with weight and a number of the changes that we've made, you're going to see that we've really pushed that vehicle forward in terms of its fuel economy,” said Manley.

With this, we can be assured that the Jeep will still be a Wrangler at heart with its “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” motto.
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"Go anywhere, Do anything"

That's the motto that will always stick.
That's what I like about Jeep, no matter what changes they make they always end up living up to what they were originally about. Even with the Renegade that turned out to be the case and people had a lot of doubts in the beginning.
I was actually someone that doubted it as well. I thought it wasn't going to amount to much but look at it go now. Jeep is one of those companies that still legitimately cares about their consumers and feels the need to maintain and up-keep their reputation as a brand. The quality and capability is always there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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