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No manual transmission?

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The Next Jeep Wrangler Might Not Have A Manual Transmission At All

Apparently, with take-rates for the manual transmission of just 10 to 20 percent of JK Wranglers, Jeep may not offer a manual transmission on the JL.

Mention of a manual gearbox has been conspicuously absent.

But my suspicions that Jeep will drop the three-pedal configuration altogether increased significantly this week when I heard the company addressed the idea directly at a public “Q&A session.”

“How do you feel about no manual transmission option? Would you be interested in a 3-spd transfer case? Are you okay with not having a windshield that folds down? What about a hybrid power plant option? How much towing capacity and payload should the 4-door have?”
These were all pitched to customers and potential customers by Jeep reps at the 2016 Overland Expo according to off-road guide outfit Barlow Adventures, which works closely with Jeep at product media launches and publicity events.

The notion of a three-speed transfer case is interesting, and might add a level of flexibility off-road that would placate purists angry about dumping the stick shift.
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That's quite upsetting .. I actually really enjoyed the manual transmissions in the Wranglers. Kind of sloppy but they were super fun to drive. I think they even had a brake hold that would keep the car from rolling back on an uphill for a second or so if I remember correctly ?
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