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Poison Spyder Bruiser front bumper and skid plate

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Poison Spyder has announced a couple of new productions for the JL. This includes a couple of new bumpers options as well as a frame mounter tire carrier. Oddly enough it doesn't look like these aftermarket options provide any way of mounting the factory fog lights, which seems like a big oversight.
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Happy to see new bumper options, but no fog light mounts is a dealbreaker. There are a bunch of other aftermarket options that have a proper relocation for them.
at the very least these brands should include tapping points for where common mounting areas are so it'll be a bit easier come time to drill or make templates available
They are limiting their consumer base, as no one who went with this $100 option is going to interested in removing them or jerry rigging a relocation. I do like the recessed winch position though.
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