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Welcome to the forum! Will this be your first Wrangler and what are you currently driving?

This will be my 1st Jeep...That is, if, they offer a 2 door with a short box + plenty of today's almost standard creature comfort toys-->Infotainment cluster, cameras all-around (doubt this one but at the very least rear camera) full control electric seats & mirrors with memory...Heated & Cooled Seats, Lane watch/warning, front collision assist, etc...Basically, what every manufacturer offers, for those who want Luxury options in whatever vehicle they are looking at.

Wife drives a 2016 Subaru Crosstek...My DD is a 2015 Mustang LE #737 (Pic is with Fall-Winter tires & wheels not original to the car), also have a 2003 S-10 P/U for hauling stuff when I need to do whatever warrants a truck.

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