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Returning Jeep Owner

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Owned a couple of Wranglers many years ago.

Just about to pull the trigger on a new factory order JL Sahara

Punkn Metallic
Black cloth
Cold Weather Group
Trailer, Tow, HD electrical Group
Proximity Keyless Entry
Body Color Hardtop

Of course, I did a lot of research. Here, Edmunds, TrueCar. Big mistake, TrueCar. All that did was get me a ton of emails and phone calls - instantly! All dealers were trying to sell me what I did not want. Any color, too, as long as it is black. Not there is anything wrong with black.

I sent all dealers who contacted me my exact build sheet, pdf, from jeep.com, and asked to be contacted by email only, and to provide out-the-door pricing

I seem to have made some over the top request... Something they’ve never heard of🙄

It’s been interesting.

1 dealer got back within a couple of hours, under invoice and gave me what doc fees would be

1 dealer gave me what might be a good price, but is not answering my questions about fees

1 dealer gave me “invoice pricing” that was substantially over what I reasearched. And then asked how much I was willing to pay over invoice, “because they are a business and need to make money” (unsolicited info...)

1 said he would get back to me....36 hours now

1 no acknowledgement beyond TrueCar sales nonsense

I’ll wait another day or so and probably go one more round.

$44765 is MSRP

Best offer so far is $41600 ( just below invoice depending on site) plus $397 in fees, $135 reg

MA has no limit on doc fees...

I don’t know how all these folks claim to get 4 and 5% under invoice. I don’t see that happening here, not without unnecessay stress.

Plus I want to get this in before ordering closes
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Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you'll be getting back into a Wrangler. Wish there we're so many politics involved in purchasing a new vehicle, and a good dealer can make all the difference in your experience. Smart to move to shop around a bit before you make a final decision.
Welcome! And I find it highly doubtful that you'll be able to get a new JL for that much under MSRP. Maybe you can negotiate with them to include some accessories that you may be looking into.
Some police forces used these as part of their fleet, not always do they hold onto them for long.
Seen police vehicles sell to the public after 1-2 years.
If you look around long enough, these can be found.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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