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Has anyone had an issue with the new JL seats being uncomfortable? I've had mine for two weeks, and every time I drive it, my back starts killing me!!! No support like my 07 and 16 Sahara!! Maybe it's the headrest. Not sure, but I need some relief!! As far as the aesthetics of the JL, SUPERB!! I haven't had issues with my UConnect yet. I have noticed my satellite radio seems to fade away quite often. I absolutely LOVE my Alpine system and the sub. My '07 system was way better than my '16. But these seats are driving me crazy!! HELP!!
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This is the first I'm hearing of uncomfortable seats in the JL, but glad you've brought up the issue. Maybe you'll have to look into some aftermarket seat covers, if you cant manage to find a better seating position.
Could be how the headrest is angled. There's a cheap solution you can try, which is to add one of those seat neck pillows. It should force your head a bit straighter and they're relatively cheap in case it doesn't work out.

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Those are actually pretty helpful with seating posture. I used to have one in my old sedan and combined with those back supports it was very comfortable for long drives.
It doesn't look good though, and you really shouldn't have to do these kinds of mods to a brand new vehicle. CJ07 didn't mention whether the problem was with leather or cloth seats did he.
I've only had my JL for 5 days, I did notice the seat a little uncomfortable at first, but I seem to be getting use to it.
We have the leather seats in our JLUR and I love them. Very comfortable.
I’m not a doctor. A doctor once advised me that car seats are built to accommadate taller passengers. He told me short people need to raise the front part of their seats (where your knees fall). It worked. I haven’t had soreness from car rides in a long time. *My 2¢
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