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SEMA 2018- Bilstein

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Bilstein is well known in the industry for the motorsport level shock absorbers, and they have debuted a brand new kit for the Wrangler JL at this years SEMA. The 8100's have previously been offered on the Tacoma, and due to their success there, the company has decided to expand availability to the JL, Tundra and 4Runner. https://www.offroadxtreme.com/features/sema-coverage/sema-2018-bilstein-beefs-up-the-wrangler-jl/
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I have only heard great things about Bilstein from JK owners, when they say ride quality gets improved, it really does. Was convinced with my buddies JKU.
Glad to see these moving over to new platforms, though I haven't been able to find any details on pricing or availability. Wonder if we will be seeing these on the new Gladiator pickup as well.
Can't say that I'm a fan of the new nameplate if that is what FCA has decided on. I did hear that the new Jeep pickup would be borrowing the suspension system that's being used on the Ram 1500.
"Gladiator" sounds much better to me than Scrambler. The latter would be suitable for a less capable pickup, where as the Jeep pickup coming to market is a real rugged machine that slots right under the RAM 1500, and ultimately shaking up a segment the Tacoma has owned for many years.
Its a poor decision based upon SEO, as there are obviously many other things that use the Gladiator name. I wouldn't be surprised to see owners going the route of aftermarket lift kits, but we don't know what clearance will be like on whatever the equivalent of a Rubicon trim is.
Are we sure that the new pickup will follow the hierarchy that we see on the JL? I for one would like to see some unique trim levels and not just a rehashed Wrangler with a bed.
An important note with this SEMA vehicle that Bilstein has showcased is that its also using their spring based lift kit, which raises the Wrangler another 3.5 inches. This gives an additional 12 inches of front suspension travel and 13 inches in the rear. Paired with these new 8100 shocks owners would have quite the rock crawler.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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