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Stop/Start System

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I hate the thing and was hoping Jeep wouldn't add it to the Wrangler JL, but the system will reset itself back to on every time the ignition is turned off and back on. So you'll need to turn it off every single time... At least there's an easy access button so you don't need to hunt it down in the menu. Going to be a pain for manual drivers too.
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Won't be long until there's an aftermarket fix to the stop/start system with how many people out there who hate it. I'm sure Wrangler owners are definitely not a fan either and it's just odd to have the engine shutting off on you.

though I don't know if that'll void the warranty.
I know there's a permanent fix for the 2017 Jeep Cherokee Sport where you don't need an aftermarket system. Perhaps it'll work for the upcoming Wrangler too; just un-clip the switch from the holder and leave it connected.
I don't care for it, but wouldn't try to change under the hood just to turn it off. So long as there's no lag between the stop at red lights and start, I'm fine with the annoyance. Though that may change after a while. Who know, but we still have a while to wait because demand seems pretty high for the new JL and they haven't even announced it yet.
:smile2: The "Stop/Start" system doesn't apply to the jeeps/w manual tranny's !


:nerd: JIMBO
you can turn it OFF by removing the driver side hood switch. There are two hood closed sensors. Apparently the one on the right (facing that car from the front of the car) controls the start stop.. (somehow) does not seen to affect other functions (but i DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE). Only works on 3.6
And do we know if this throws any engine codes if disconnected? Probably going to notice a fair difference in fuel economy with it disengaged as well.
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