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TFL's Wrangler JL Buyers Guide

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Just wanted to share this video from the guys over at the Fast Lane Car that goes over everything you need to know if you're looking at buying the new JL. Good overview of all the different trims/packages and where your money will be best spent on kit.
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Its definitely a bit of a disappointment that the manual isn't available on the 2.0. I do think that the pricing could use some adjustment though, as the sticker prices at dealerships are.. a little aggressive.
That's why I'm just waiting a while before going for the Wrangler, just so they can get their price gouging ways out of their system and I can have more room to negotiate. Or the winter sales, whichever comes first. A manual gearbox for the 2.0 would have been nice for the more price conscious since they're cheaper than an automatic.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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