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The Jeeps of SEMA 2015

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Who doesn't love modded Jeeps?

The show floor at SEMA this year was packed with custom jeeps that ranged from bling to badass. Wrangler was obviously the most popular choice, being the Jeep with the biggest aftermarket support and also an enthusiast favorite.

Here are the best Jeeps from SEMA 2015. Pics courtesy of Jodi Lai:

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Some of those concepts are really cool. The first one has amazing suspension. So cool that it can have just one wheel so elevated and the others still on the ground. And the second one pictured feels like it could be in Mad Max.
that suspension in the first one looks amazing. There's also a captain America inspired one. Maybe someone will come out with an iron man version later on!
I wonder how much of the stuff that has been done to each of those vehicles is actually available to do to your Jeep at home.
I think most of it is locating the necessary aftermarket parts but unless you own a garage you probably can't do much at home. Maybe a bit of plasti dip.
The Ram Rebel was in attendance at the show and surprisingly they didn't take a page out of Jeeps books by using a rock to prop up a side of the truck!
So you think it is more about seeing (or hiring) the garages, and not buying those parts yourself and then doing your own work. Interesting... That makes it much more exclusive.
The rebel should be able to get on that rock but this would be a challenge.
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The rebel should be able to get on that rock but this would be a challenge.
For a Renegade that's going to be impossible unless it has a crazy lift and rubbers to go with. The mass of those who do go the modified route to off road won't go to those extreme's.
I just don't think that the Renegade has enough clearance to accomplish this.
WTF are you guys talking about... who care about the rebel, who cars about the renegade. We're here for the fuhhkkking wrangler... lets talk about the wrangler...
Still waiting for more info from Jeep about the Wrangler JL and nothing knew has come out in a long while. Or at least it felt like a long time to me.
The newest bit of news I've got is that the Backcountry Wrangler will make an appearance at the LA Auto show.

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With the shows coming up we might hear about something, even if it's through some Q&A that goes on where we can get a tidbit out of.
We may need to wait until next year before we hear much about the Wrangler JL. Unless there's another large auto show before the year ends?
It's supposed to be released in 2017 so we may have to wait until the big shows near the end of next year or early 2017.
EVERYONE, please take a moment to drool over the Hawk Hellcat Wrangler...

MORE pictures & article

Hellcat engine no ****.
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