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One of our top recommended mods just got even better!

There are many upgrades you can do, but why not start with something that is easy to install and comes with a free trial.

This simple mod will transform your vehicle (or your money back!) and provide you with a great starting point for your other mods by allowing you to adjust throttle response as needed.

Bonus Features of the MADNESS GOPedal Plus include:

PROTECT MODE - Adding an extra level of security to your vehicle. Once the Protect Mode is activated your throttle pedal is deactivated!
The thief may be able to open and start your vehicle, but they cannot drive away.

VALET MODE -When you hand over the keys simply press the "Valet" Mode Button.
This feature will limit the throttle response of your vehicle and force the driver (valet) to drive your vehicle nice and slow.

For the full details on the MADNESS GOPedal Plus for your Jeep Wrangler JL please visit the link below:
Jeep Wrangler JL Throttle Controller - MADNESS GOPedal - Bluetooth
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