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The Wrangler That Didn't Make The Cut

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Here's a photo of a 2018 Wrangler render that just didn't make the cut. What do you think of it ?

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Looks like someone's customized Wrangler Unlimited, I'd have mistaken it for that if it wasn't for those taillights. I wouldn't have minded a Wrangler JL like that, the subtly dip in the front windows makes it look less boxy. Same with the removable top.
Something about it makes me feel like it's very dull. The horrendous wheels don't help either.
Could be the paint job that's putting you off, matte black on white is not the most inspiring color combination for a Wrangler. Not sure if the different shade of white on the doors were done on purpose or if it was a white film over it.
Looking at the paint and tail lights its starting to look like a clay model. Adding to that a few feet in front of it you can see some board with sketches. Start to look a lot like some Jeep/FCA design studio. I could be wrong.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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