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Think it's about that time...

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Hey All, Long time Jeep owner (GC) but I've always loved driving the Wranglers around for quite some time. Used to work at a Chrysler dealership and we used to have them come in quite often (routine maintenance). Definitely looking forward to the new JL. Just wished they would come with a manual transmission. Especially after seeing the turbo 4 cylinder spy pictures :frown2:
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Welcome to the club.

Glad to have someone here that worked on the Service side since that could go a long way in directing some questions we'll have about the various processes we'll have to go through once these arrive.
Thanks ! I would definitely be more than happy to assist at any chance I get :)
Thanks ! I would definitely be more than happy to assist at any chance I get :)
Just have to wait for things to really heat up, 1/2 way through the year and things will soon start ramping up. Exciting times will soon be here.
Very exciting. Glad to be here during the beginning phase. What are you guys driving currently ?
You could probably put the V8 from the RC-F into the WRangler if you want. What would be even better is putting the Hellcat engine in there. I know Jeep has done it themselves but I'm not sure if someone out there has done it.
Swapping out and putting a Hellcat engine in the Wrangler would be heaven sent. But I can only imagine how much one of those engine and trans setups cost. If you can even buy them separately :|
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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