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Other than the warning light on the dash would there be any issues running my second set of wheels without the tpms sensors?
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I do not believe so. I personally don't much see the point of having them in the winter anyways, as they are always throwing up lights.
Even with TPMS I check my pressure manually!
Even with TPMS I check my pressure manually!
Smartest move to make because calibration being thrown off does happen from time to time, realized this with early models that had the tech before going mainstream.
I've always tried to avoid TPMS whenever possible. Have had to replace them in the past and that's an additional cost I would rather avoid. Be careful of who you are letting install/swap your tires.
Had an SC430 give to me and when the TPMS system acted up I just yanked it right out, not worth the trouble for pressures that rarely fluctuate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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