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UConnect Issues

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One day Jeep will get it right, but for now it looks like the over-the-air update to the Uconnect infotainment system back in February 9 didn't help owners with their Wrangler problems. Off-road says those with an 8.4-inch screen Uconnect 4C NAV system may see their screens reboot incessantly or have problems accessing certain features. Sometimes the radio may even turn on by itself and drain the battery.

Another updated was pushed forth and that brought on another slew of issues. What's worse, a test car from AutoGuide just dies on the highway!

FCA responded with the following statement. “Uconnect and SiriusXM, have implemented a solution to address systems that were repeatedly rebooting. The affected systems should be functioning normally after receiving a satellite signal and an ignition cycle. Additionally, we are beginning to turn Travel Link services back on. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.”

We'll see if this fix works. Maybe third time's the charm.
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Leave it to Jeep to kill the hype around their new Wrangler with infotainment issues. How was none of this properly tested prior to production? If issues such as this become commonplace, and their updates only bring about new problems, I may consider going with an aftermarket stereo.
It'll be annoying, but it won't put people off from buying a Wrangler. Heck, there's so many complaints over the years but Jeep is still selling loads of them. What's worrying isn't the radio glitching, but a new Wrangler JL dying on the highway. That's cause for concern and can lead to an accident, which should be looked into in case a recall is needed.

Personally still want one, but I'm waiting for the initial rush to pass so things like these can be ironed out.
Well you aren't wrong that it likely wont affect the sales of the Wrangler. Jeep seems to be one of the bands that's found quite a cult following, who often overlook the reliability concerns. I've seen some pretty crazy tweets/videos already from various FCA owners showing how serious these issues can be. https://t.co/3Q3CCeZ8t4
That is highly disturbing and it seems like some electrical circuit is shorting out. But most likely cause by some glitch in the ECU and Jeep needs to fix that ASAP.
Yeah it certainly seems to be more of an electrical problem, than something software related to the UConnect problems. Guess that's why we've seen JL's dying at the side of the road, as this shortage is clearly killing batteries. Doesn't look like there have been any official recalls as of yet from FCA, and I'm not sure this issue will be addressed with a UConnect update.
I was actually interested in getting the JL Wrangler at one point but information like this and some other advances made in it this time around has me sitting on the sidelines to see how things play out over the coming months.
I'm hoping that the video I linked is a one off, and not something that's directly related to the UConnect problems being faced by FCA owners. In most aspects the JL looks to be an improvement upon on the JK, and I'm sure there are many owners who are quite happy with the purchase. It's a safe bet to wait on some long term reviews however.
UConnect controls essentially everything electronic/electric in the JL. CBS' Sixty Minutes show had an expose' on hacking into new car electronics...the hackers were able to shut off the car while it was in motion from miles away. I recently saw a Youtube video where some young car thieves approached a new car with a wifi laptop...they able to unlock the car, start it and drive away in less than two minutes. So much for vaunted electronic safety alarms. You may find that your new Jeep will be driving itself right out of your garage.
With any new technology, there are always going to be those looking to take advantage of its vulnerabilities. Luckily atm is doesn't look like the UConnect system is working as intended, and I've seen some owners who've been stranded on the highway as a result. Don't think that's the kind of car you want to steal aha.
Good point, best to just play it safe and keep it as OEM as possible unless you know what you're doing and/or have someone/or a shop you can depend on.
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