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V8 powered Jl by Bruiser Conversions

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There are a whole host of custom Wranglers making their appearance at this years SEMA. One of them is this highly bespoke JL that's been heavily modified by Bruiser Conversions. Its powered by a Corvette V8 LS3, in either 450 or 500hp versions. Its got beefy Dana 60 axels and a stretched chassis to accommodate a customized bed. Do you guys like what's been done here or is it too much?
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I can only imagine how crazy this would look as a 6x6 although the JL's platform might be restrictive. In that case dropping the JL body on a RAM 1500 platform should do the trick.
I'm a fan of everything but the extension. I don't feel like messing around with the vehicles dynamics is necessary, but I understand that this is a one off conversion. I do think it also would have made more sense to go with an engine that provides more low end torque like the Hemi or LT1.
+1 for the Hemi. I agree its an odd choice to go with a high revving engine in something that's clearly supposed to be a rock crawler.
Since its a SEMA vehicle there's a good chance that it will never see the dirt anyways. 500hp is overkill when you're spending the majority of your time doing less than 5mph. Not sure what the gearing is on it.
I realized that for myself after seeing behind the screens footage of vehicles going from stock to fully built in a matter of weeks and ready for SEMA at the very last minute.
No surprise that its just show worthy, nothing else left for them to prove.
You guys have brought up some solid points, but show cars like this are merely meant to demonstrate what's possible on a vehicle, regardless of the added capability that it provides. The Hemi would obviously be the better candidate if they were looking to really add to its off road performance.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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