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Which Wrangler is the one to buy

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Just wanted to share this video from the guys over at The Fast Lane Car, which pits father vs son in a Wrangler showdown. Great overview of the changes Jeep has implemented in the JL. Looks like the new JL Rubicon is the model to go with, if you have any interest in off roading, as aftermarket mods get pricey pretty quickly.
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Cool vid that really showcases the improvements Jeep has made to the standard kit on the JL. My stomach definitely dropped a bit when that guy in the LandRover almost tipped over. Doesn't look like a trail for amateurs. Upon switching Jeeps they were actually surprised with how similar they felt off road, but the JK does have significant modification.
Can see why the JK is the better option if you're on a tighter budget because they should have some kind of discount by now. But the JL does have more of the new features I'm looking for in a 2018 car. There's also the option to buy a used stock JK Rubicon that's never seen dirt, yes those unicorns do exist.
The only real reason to go with the JK is the greater amount of mod support that it has. But it looks like things are picking up quickly for the JL. Is a Wrangler really a Wrangler if it hasn't seen its fair share of mud.
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