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Why the JL Wrangler MIGHT be Bigger...

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Allpar published an interesting piece earlier this week wondering if the JL Wranglers will be forced to grow length wise. They had help from a former Jeep engineer.

The new to JL 8 speed transmission is going to force Jeeps hand one way or another. Because the TorqueFlite 8 speed transmission is longer they're either forced to shorten the driveline or lengthen the truck.

Former Jeep Engineer Bob Sheaves writes: “The problem in the short-wheelbase Wrangler is the assembled length of the drivetrain, and suspension travel not allowing a propshaft to fit.”

It's suggested that Jeep could potentially shorten the transfer case instead and leave the JL's wheelbase unchanged from JK. They could also do both...
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Extra length could also help in making it an even better city vehicle creating more space for passengers, so if there are more benefits to a longer wrangler that's needed then I can see them going through with this.
The length increase would mean that the Wrangler JL won't a 2 door design. Great for utility but not so much for anyone hoping for a 2 door wrangler.
The length increase would mean that the Wrangler JL won't a 2 door design. Great for utility but not so much for anyone hoping for a 2 door wrangler.
No there will always be a two door wrangler because they're just better off road.
There will always be a 2 door wrangler but will that apply to the JL?
Haven't looked into sales stats but from what I see on the street there are a lot of JK Wrangler 2 doors, so with a solid following for the 2 door model they might just continue on.
Looks like Toledo is already getting ready for the size increase

The Untapped Potential of Wrangler

FCA needs to participate in the rebounding small/mid-size pickup segment, and we already know the Wrangler has been selected for the task. Jeep has been running flat-out for several years trying to meet rising Wrangler demand. The accepted wisdom, as demonstrated by the recent UAW contract vote, is that Wrangler pickups alone cannot make up for the production shortfall in a post-Cherokee Toledo. But there is good news. When FCA committed to converting Toledo North to body-on-frame production, it gave Jeep an opportunity to go beyond a simple capacity increase by specifying larger production line carriers capable of handling units longer than the current 116-inch wheelbase Wrangler Unlimited. This is pivotal because larger carriers are prerequisite unless you want a double-cab Wrangler pickup with a nearly useless Ford Explorer Sport Trac-style short bed.
Glad to see that this is going to happen, good news for those that always seen a need for it to get bigger.
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